• go out without the need for a purse
  • carry the basics: id, cash, key
  • stay safe when traveling
  • still look stylish



Women have a real dilemma with their purses when they go out clubbing, travel to foreign cities, or perform sports. Having a purse could mean worrying about it at a coat-check or constantly eye-ing it to be sure it's safe. Not having one could mean not having cash, car key or ID. The available purse alternatives are minimal—and not attractive or convenient.

The idea behind Wallets2Wear was to make something that merely looked like a multistrand beaded bracelet—something women would wear anyway—but apart from being something they were already accustomed to, it would have a miniature compartment.

The designs then spawned amazing models from soft fabric watches with a kicky look, to very practical and comfortable athletic sweatbands.

The greatest compliment of all? When someone simply says, "That's a beautiful bracelet!" without knowing it has a function, too.

Where are they now?


We regret that Wallets2Wear are no longer available through this web site. They are currently offered at the Project Amigo Etsy store and all proceeds go to the fabulous organization known as Project Amigo.